Iron Golf Mind book reviews


“This is a great read and full of great ideas that make nothing but sense, don’t we all need that every day.”

Stuart Appleby, PGA Tour professional


Guaranteed to bring something profound to your golf game regardless of your playing ability

“Peter manages to capture everything that is hard to capture about golf in his clean-cut book “Iron Golf Mind”.  Through a narrative every dedicated amateur or professional golfer can relate to… “we’ve plateaued and we don’t know why”… we’re introduced to conversations between an amateur player and his newly found ideal golf coach, revealing a detailed analysis of how a golfer’s mind works and how we need to reprogram our mind to continually progress our golf.

Cataloguing our mental approach to golf into five key characteristics (the 5 Cs) helps us organise our thinking so we do not become overwhelmed by the mayhem our mind can unleash during a round of golf.  We are introduced to some techniques we’ve heard of and tried before, some techniques we’ve heard of but haven’t tried and some techniques we have never heard of. Guaranteed to bring something profound to your golf game regardless of your playing ability.”

Catherine Flanagan


Iron Golf Mind is a great book not only for golfers, for anyone.

This is a perfect book for a dad like me, who wants his son to become a good golfer, but at the same time, a good person as well.

I think many fathers choose golf as their children’s sport hoping they will learn something extra from the sport.

Your book is just perfect to achieve what I was looking for.

I have a 13 years old son and I have been applying what I learned from this book to his golf game.

Great news is that he has developed much better attitude both on and off the golf courses!!!

He is definitely more consistent because of his new mind set, “Iron Golf Mind.”

Eiji Tagashira, Japan

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