Platinum Performance Experience

Platinum Performance Experience

IGM_Platinum Experience_page picYou might have read books and watched videos, but you know real learning is practical learning.  Practical learning can only be consolidated through repetition and immersion learning is the fastest way to embed these changes.

Immersion learning takes place in the Platinum Performance Experience by having you create massive change in your thinking and behaviours, then practising skills with those amazing mindset shifts.

This is the way full-time professional athletes are able to stay at the top of their game for sustained periods of time.  In many ways life is a full-time competitive challenge and one which calls for you to rise to the occasion constantly.

The skills you learn in the Platinum Performance Experience will bring about change for good in your sport and life.

The Platinum Performance Experience is a three-day intensive for

  • Athletes who are serious about improving.
  • Coaches with a strong desire to improve their clients/athletes and themselves.
  • All golfers who want to experience living the 5C’s (confidence, concentration, composure, commitment and competitiveness) and learn technical, tactical and mindset development: the practical application.

How will I benefit?

  • Identify the key areas for development.
  • Create an individualised plan for improvement for the next few months.
  • Overcome the obstacles that hold you back from being the golfer you can be.
  • Find out what you value about golf and how that helps or hinders your progress.
  • Identify the key mindset skills you need to develop.
  • Establish a powerful plan to move you in the right direction.
  • Pressure-proof your game.
  • Create a 90-day plan to move forward toward your best golf.

What will I experience?

  • These concepts into practice at a world class golf course.
  • Envision an exciting future for your golf.
  • Benefit from the practical experiences that one-on-one coaching can bring.
  • The feeling of empowerment that comes from a winning mindset.
  • Understand how the 5C’s (confidence, concentration, commitment, composure competitiveness) can be built specifically for you.
  • Create empowering beliefs to replace those that haven’t served you well.
  • Establish a plan for improving all areas of your development.
  • Write inspiring goals for yourself.
  • Complete practical exercises to develop these skills.


  • Folder with worksheets, exercises and the template for your individual gameplan.
  • All half and full day information
  • Golf swing technique development
  • All exercises from the Iron Golf Mind book, plus bonus exercises
  • Podcasts/videos
  • Copy of Iron Golf Mind
  • Practice e-book
  • Video reviews
  • Copy of Iron Golf Mind

Depending on your current skill level you can expect to

  • Achieve greater consistency in your game.
  • Hit the ball further and straighter than ever before.
  • Create practice plans for targeted improvement
  • Prepare better than ever for important events
  • Keep statistics monitor your progress
  • Set and achieve meaningful goals
  • Build mental toughness
  • Set routines for greater concentration and confidence


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