Confidence Builder Presentation

Confidence Builder Presentation

IGM_Confidence Builder Presentation_page picIs confidence in your golf dependent on how well you are hitting the ball?  If so, then one poor shot can cause you to lose faith in your ability to play well and ruin an otherwise great day on the golf course.

Imagine performing with full confidence.  Knowing that your great shots will reinforce your confidence and poor shots are mentally handled with ease so you retain the good feelings about your game.

The Confidence Builder Presentation is designed to run for 2 hours and is for

  • Athletes who want to fill their missing mindset gaps.
  • Parents to understand the mindset required for high performance success.
  • Coaches who want to know how to instil these principles in their clients.

When you attend the course

You will learn to

  • Build a robust self-confidence.
  • Pressure-proof your game.
  • Discover the key confidence destroyers and what to do about them.
  • Uncover the things that really hold you back.
  • Define success and winning for you.
  • Create a 90-day plan to move forward toward your best golf.

You will experience

  • The extraordinary feelings that go with a confident, winning mindset.
  • Certainty that in the next 90 days your plan will help you play golf with the strongest mindset possible.
  • Immediate improvement in your confidence levels.

You will receive

  • A workbook that you will use at the course and throughout the next 90 days.
  • Access to podcasts, articles and videos that are posted on the Iron Golf Mind website.

Book a seat at the next Confidence Builder Presentation and begin playing a bigger game.

Upcoming Presentations
Fri 25th Oct       Glen Iris Tennis Club          6.00-8.00pm      book here
Wed 30th Oct    Yarra Bend Golf Course     6.00-8.00pm      book here

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